Apparently, the Big Bang and the driverless vehicle industry have something in common. The “Emperor’s New Clothes Effect”

Michael DeKort
3 min readAug 17, 2022


Reference article — The Big Bang didn’t happen

“Readers may well be wondering at this point why they have not read of this collapse of the Big Bang hypothesis in major media outlets by now and why the authors of so many recent papers have not pointed to this collapse themselves. The answer lies in what I term the “Emperor’s New Clothes Effect” — if anyone questions the Big Bang, they are labeled stupid and unfit for their jobs. Unfortunately, funding for cosmology comes from a very few government sources controlled by a handful of committees that are dominated by Big Bang theorists. These theorists have spent their lives building the Big Bang theory. Those who openly question the theory simply don’t get funded.”

I would like to suggest the effects go beyond financial. They also include ego and other basic and psychological needs. Throw in some cool and popular technology and we have the largest echo chamber and engineering debacle in history. The debacle stems from the industry’s use of an untenable development approach. (More on that below). As time goes on and the incremental epiphanies set in the world is starting to figure that out. That includes people inside these companies who reach out to me in increasing numbers. Some have actually tried to acknowledge and address the king’s clothing problem. Only to be shot down by those higher up with bigger triangle problems. The pattern here is well documented in human history, especially the aircraft industry in the 50s. The industry will not shift until enough avoidable tragedies have occurred to drive enough press coverage to force enough hearing to create laws to force the industry what it doesn’t have the courage or integrity to do for itself. (Tesla has been speeding all of this up quite a bit, especially with the data on hitting children and Tesla stans using their own children to try to prove the system works properly.) So the question becomes, when do we hit max epiphany and flip the paradigm so the herd can reverse its stampede?

(As an aside, I find the article fascinating. Not only with regard to human nature and the psychology of human needs and echo chambers, but the core issue itself. If the Big Bang theory is wrong, what is the real origin? And can or will we ever know?)

Below are a couple articles that explain my POV in more detail.

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