Autonomous Vehicle Industry Press not doing their Due Diligence

While some members of the press rightfully call out Elon Musk’s hype overall the group acts more like marketers and groupies than reporters. Take the case of Musk’s Level 4 hype. Their push back on Elon is the degree of hype not the core hype. Meaning they like most of the industry believe public shadow and safety driving as the primary approach to development and testing is tenable and the thousands of causalities it will cause when accident scenarios are run is a necessary evil. They could not be more wrong. See my article here for more.

Remote Control for Autonomous Vehicles — A far worse idea than the use of Public Shadow “Safety” Driving


And then there is this. Designated Driver (and Phantom Auto) make remote control systems that they say can replace safety drivers. The press has helped them press two extremely misleading and dangerous propaganda pieces this week.

A transatlantic feat for teleoperation startup


Drifting champion tackles Goodwood with VR, 5G and one tiny startup’s tech


A couple of points/questions regarding the hype and these “reporters” or members of the press not doing their due diligence. (The next question is are they being played or going along for the ride?)

- Do they see that the drifting test is NOT realistic? It uses a local, possibly point to point network, and the driver is alone on an open play field/track. If the tech is legitimate why not show cross-country networks with scenarios where successive quick lateral maneuvers are needed. Now show traction loss in the same scenario.

- Regarding those realistic scenarios. They say it is 5000k miles. So that round trip would be 10,000 miles. 100msec latency round trip? With no critical data retransmissions required? Measured from the wheel movement to video change for remote driver? No satellite hops? How far does a vehicle go especially laterally in that time? What happens with serial quick lateral moves? Loss of traction? And there can be no motion cues otherwise the driver will get sick. (See more in my article here — Remote Control for Autonomous Vehicles — A far worse idea than the use of Public Shadow “Safety” Driving — — )

What we need is for the members of the press or reporters to stop buying in to the hype, separate themselves from the echo chamber, stop enlisting in fan clubs, stop putting the public at risk, misleading them and providing false confidence and do their jobs and the public good. (And please feel free to start that due diligence with me. Be glad to discuss the issues in more detail, provide supporting data etc.)

P.S. — This goes for most industry “experts” as well.

Please find my articles below that address each of these myths. (As well as a relevant bio)

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My name is Michael DeKort — I am a former system engineer, engineering and program manager for Lockheed Martin. I worked in aircraft simulation, the software engineering manager for all of NORAD, the Aegis Weapon System, and on C4ISR for DHS

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