Brad — I appreciate the response.

The degree to which this industry thinks simulation is not adequate is significant. Meaning it plays a minimal and supporting role in almost every facet. With public shadow and safety driving being used for the vast amount of development and test. Mostly due to significantly inferior gaming technology (which few understand is the case) the industry has somewhat of a point in doing so. Setting aside it’s not remotely possible to do the vast majority of dev and test in the real world, including “long tail” discovery, the simulation in this industry lacks the real-time and model fidelity needed as well as the photo realism in many cases. And when you mention aerospace/DoD simulation people think it can’t be further ahead because air travel isn’t that complex and Silicon Valley etc innovate it all. The fact of the matter is DoD urban simulated war games, that have been going on for over 10 years, involve far more complex scenarios than the AV world needs/ They have hundreds of entities, with far better models, running on the SAME city streets on they can do so in faster real-time, in geospecific areas up to 3600 sq miles (not 60 sq miles) and involve the added complexity of driving of the street and shooting at each other.

Gaming based tech will cause false confidence and flawed ML learning. The real-time and models will be off but not easily detectable. That will lead to flawed plans that will result in real world actions that are not what the plan expected. These will be manifested as slow breaking or acceleration or less nimble maneuvering for example.

The paradigm needs to flip due to the massive quantity of scenarios. 99.9% of the scenario discovery, development and test have to be done in the aerospace/DoD simulation I am talking about or no one will get close to L4 and thousands will die needlessly due to handover or running thousands of accident scenarios thousands of times each.

Be glad to show you a demo that demonstrates most of this.

(The crux of the difference is the architecture. Gaming chose to use a much different architecture. It causes significant timing and load handling issues when they are used for what is needed here vs games.)

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