China recalls (all?) Tesla vehicles with “autopilot” for going into AP accidentally and causing unintended acceleration

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China recalls Tesla vehicles with “autopilot” for going into AP accidentally and causing unintended acceleration. (A state Tesla denied even happens.) Is this all the Tesla’s with AP in China? What about these vehicles outside of China? False “autopilot”, unintended acceleration, poor AEB caused by sensor system that cannot properly detect crossing/stationary objects, leaving many dead and injured, which was made worse by removing the poor radar vs replacing it, and NHTSA does nothing of any significance. Worse yet they ignored a filing to conduct and emergency review of the radar removal. And then decide to investigate all the AP crashes. A process that they have taken years to do. These people are complicit. The only folks in USDOT who get it is the small and isolated VOICES team. And this is all on top of the fact that relying on the real-world and gaming-based simulation is an untenable development approach from a time, cost, and safety POV. Many more will be needlessly injured and die by design.

More on all of this below.

Tesla “autopilot” development effort needs to be stopped and people held accountable


NHTSA Downplays Tesla Loss of Radar Safety Issues in Expedited Process Filing


The NTSB frets over human Guinea pigs then chastises and punts to the even more reckless NHTSA


The Autonomous Vehicle Industry can be Saved by doing the Opposite of what is being done now to create this technology


Tesla admits loss of Radar degrades the system-Even Brad Templeton understands ditching it is foolish


Elon says new “full self-driving” release is coming with no radar and safety is “confirmed”


Tesla ditching radar and Elon’s explanation show us how bad and how deadly this system is


Elon Musk is now telling us a legitimate “Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving will never exist


Tesla Director of Autopilot Software says Elon’s statement about “Autopilot” capabilities does not match engineering reality


USDOT introduces VOICES Proof of Concept for Autonomous Vehicle Industry-A Paradigm Shift?

My name is Michael DeKort — I am a former system engineer, engineering, and program manager for Lockheed Martin. I worked in aircraft simulation, the software engineering manager for all of NORAD, the Aegis Weapon System, and on C4ISR for DHS.

Industry Participation — Air and Ground

- Founder SAE On-Road Autonomous Driving Simulation Task Force

- Member SAE ORAD Verification and Validation Task Force

- Member UNECE WP.29 SG2 Virtual Testing

- Stakeholder USDOT VOICES (Virtual Open Innovation Collaborative Environment for Safety)

- Member SAE G-34 / EUROCAE WG-114 Artificial Intelligence in Aviation

- Member CIVATAglobal — Civic Air Transport Association

- Stakeholder for UL4600 — Creating AV Safety Guidelines

- Member of the IEEE Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Systems Policy Committee

- Presented the IEEE Barus Ethics Award for Post 9/11 DoD/DHS Whistleblowing Efforts



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Michael DeKort

Non-Tribal Truth Seeker-IEEE Barus Ethics Award/9–11 Whistleblower-Aerospace/DoD Systems Engineer/Member SAE Autonomy and eVTOL development V&V & Simulation