Do Safety Drivers need to Sacrifice their lives to build a legitimate Autonomous Vehicle?

With public shadow and safety driving being the primary method to develop and test autonomous vehicles how will anyone get through the long tails, dangerous, complex or actual accident scenarios if they do not sacrifice themselves and take the control back when these scenarios arise? How do you run and rerun what may be millions or scenarios and variations if the safety drivers take back control somewhere short of the full threads being played out? And even if these drivers were to attempt to hang in there what are the odds they drive in a manner that a professional would so you get the best training possible? While shadow mode and premature handover can still be beneficial how do you get close to done if the safety drivers won’t sacrifice themselves to see all these threads through every time? Or do so in a manner that ensures the events are driven like a professional driver with no fear?

The elephant in the room here being that this would literally require safety drivers, who are rarely if ever actual professional drivers, volunteering to give their lives to accomplish these tasks. To do so through the entire thread. To do the same every single time. And for the other humans involved in the vehicles or nearby, their families, in governments, the press, insurers etc to go along with this. If you don’t switch most of this to simulation, I would like to know exactly how this could possibly be successfully accomplished.

(When simulation is chosen it has to be aerospace/DoD simulation technology not gaming architecture-based simulation. If that latter is used you will have real-time, model fidelity and loading scaling capabilities. Those issues will lead to improperly trained systems, false confidence and real-world tragedies.)

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