Do you feel better? Because this does no one other than you any good. These other tech workers you call on to help. Should they be named or be anonymous like you?

Curious are you one of the folks who stands to gain from the IPO of a company who subsidizes each ride up to 40% while not paying the drivers a living wage or even minimum wage in most cases? In addition to that Uber spent $800M last year on the use of public shadow and safety driving to build it’s autonomous vehicles. That process can never result in anything close to an AV, has killed for no reason and will kill many more when they move from easy scenarios to complex and accident scenarios they will run thousands of times each. With 2M drivers worldwide that would be $400 more for each driver.

The press should have never printed this article. It’s not an act of selflessness our courage. It is the cowardly selfish act of someone who feels guilty and doesn’t want to bear any hardship or give up oodles of money. If this has cleared your conscience to any degree at all you an even worse person. What you have done here should actually weigh on you more than not saying a thing. If on the other hand it does bother you, you should come forward and do the right thing. Odds are you will be just fine going forward. Though possibly not nearly as well off if you are in the IPO. (Which BTW you could probably sue for if there were repercussions.) If you can’t muster the courage for that at least pull down this article. It demeans the people you are trying to help.

As for me, the guy who is criticizing you and making all kinds of suggestions for what you should do. Google me. I was a post 9/11 DoD/DHS whistleblower. I lost my career, moved my family a couple times and dealt with bankruptcy. On the good side however, I stopped what needed to be stopped, feel good about what I did, am getting by and am now trying to get these autonomous vehicles makers to move to aerospace/DoD simulation technology versus the public shadow and safety driving I mentioned above. Point being it’s usually easy for folks to recommend what others should do from the comfort of their safe and cozy armchairs. I am not one of those folks. As a matter of fact if you want help I will be glad to do what I can. But you will do so named. (Susan Fowler may also help you? She seems to be doing fine.)

Michael DeKort

Systems Engineer, Engineering/Program Management -- DoD/Aerospace/IT - Autonomous Systems Air & Ground, FAA Simulation, UAM, V2X, C4ISR, Cybersecurity