Driverless Safety and AI “Experts” are not doing their Due Diligence and Risking Lives-Including Missy Cummings

One of the loudest and seemingly most credible safety and robotics voices in the industry is Missy Cummings. Her resume and direct approach is impressive. From female fighter pilot to the director of the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory and Duke Robotics. She routinely states handover or use of human Guinea pigs for testing autonomous vehicles, especially in Tesla’s, is problematic. The primary reasoning being it is scientifically impossible to expect humans to conduct proper handover in many time critical scenarios. The problem though, is she and many other who say this, including PAVE who has recently hosted here in several online events, ONLY want to stop this in production systems. They believe it must continue in development systems because there is no other way to do it. Said differently, they support the injury and loss of life this has and will cause because they think it is a necessary and unavoidable evil. Worse yet, when I mention DoD/aerospace simulation and modeling technology can solve this, they refuse over and over to allow me to show them the tech and make the case.

Since Missy is a former fighter pilot, who I assume has time in FAA Level D simulators, this is especially intellectually, ethically, morally, and professionally disappointing and reckless. To make matters worse she states simulation cannot provide an acceptable enough alternative to move away from public human Guinea pigs. To ensure I gave her more than enough opportunity to do her due diligence, in addition to asking over and over to show her the tech I am referring to, she has refused to provide a list of scenarios, objects, equipment etc she thinks cannot be properly modeled and why. This despite my explaining the tech I am referring to is far different and better than the gaming technology and modeling approaches the industry currently uses. (Keep in mind the real-world is used to inform and validate this simulation. The issue is there is far less of it needed.) This leads me to the unfortunate conclusion Missy Cummings is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who may be more damaging than Elon Musk. The reason for this being she attacks him for the same practices she supports. The only difference being production vs development systems. (The odd part being Elon’s systems are in development. I assume the issue being that Missy prefers AV maker employee Guinea pigs over customer Guinea pigs).

(A similar problem is the folks using the term “Autonowashing” to push back on folks stating their systems have reach autonomy. While correct they too have a massive ethical, moral, and professional blind spot. The same needless use of human Guinea pigs I discuss above.)

Hopefully, Missy will respond to this Medium article and my associated LinkedIn post.

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