Elon Musk just told us Tesla needs an “Autopilot” development do over

Michael DeKort
3 min readAug 24, 2021


I would normally include a reference article from the press. Only NONE of them caught this. All they could focus on was Elon saying he is not happy with how the last release worked.

Here is the exact Tweet from Elon

FSD Beta 9.2 is actually not great imo, but Autopilot/AI team is rallying to improve as fast as possible.

We’re trying to have a single stack for both highway & city streets, but it requires massive NN retraining.


That second part is the real issue. Seems to me it says they used two stacks to split urban and highway driving. Which they are now combining and to do so they must retrain the neural nets.

Couple questions

· Why were the stacks split in the first place? Seems like a foolish thing to do. Didn’t that force a huge processing load when they are run in parallel for ODD transition zones?

· If L5 five was supposed to deliver last year, and Elon stating he had “6 9s highway AP” months ago, how was it possible they thought they were remotely close? (Setting aside the plethora of video proof they weren’t.)

· Doesn’t “retrain” mean they cannot integrate learned capabilities or some portion of them from two systems to one? Does that mean they have to ditch all city/urban and keep highway? Or just relearn the transition ODDs?

· Isn’t all of this a massive do over and a significant step back?

· Coupled with the constant lies and extremely bad performance of the system, why does anyone think these folks are competent? Seems to me they were and still are winging it. And worst of all they still don’t get how to do this right. (My suggestion on that is below.)

More detail here.

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