Elon’s Olympic level backpedaling on “Autopilot” future in earnings call-Is he worried about discovery and a potential injunction in the CA false advertising case?

Michael DeKort
3 min readJul 27, 2021

In yesterday’s earnings call Elon did not sound so positive about “Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving”. L5 surely does not sound like it’s coming any day now. And what happened to that “6 9s highway autopilot” Elon said he already had?

Jason Torchinky’s article on this — https://jalopnik.com/elon-musk-sure-didnt-sound-certain-about-full-self-driv-1847370575

Jason highlights several of Elon’s statements

Yeah. It’s like any given the price is going to be wrong. So we’ll just adjust it over time, as we see if the value proposition makes sense to people. I’m not thinking about this a lot right now. We need to make full self-driving work in order for it to be a compelling value proposition.

Otherwise people are kind of … Depending on the future. Like right now, if it doesn’t make sense for somebody to do FSD subscription, I think it’s debatable. But once we have full self-driving widely deployed, then the value proposition will be clear. And at that point, I think basically everyone will go use it. Or a rare individual who doesn’t.

This is all Olympic level hedging and back pedaling.

Now let’s factor in the new lawsuit I wrote my last article on. (The one where I missed the additional massive news that the judge is allowing for an injunction to stop “Autopilot” and “Full Self-Driving” because it is a menace to society.) Is it possible this lawsuit and the judge allowing it to proceed to discovery AND leaving the door open for an injunction factored into Elon’s statements? Now what if they asked the judge for a temporary injunction while this is sorted out? With at least 8 dead so far, the point that there will Lilley be more during this process, and it may be that first child or family, do you think the judge denies that? Particularly if someone can show what I have said for about four years. If you use the right simulation technology, this is, along with the development process being untenable from a time and cost POV, are all solved.

PlainSite Tweet on key parts including the injunction — https://twitter.com/PlainSite/status/1419898055919165444?s=20

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