Extremely unfortunate information given their use of public shadow/safety driving vs aeroapce/DoD (not gaming) based simulation for most of the development and testing. This means they have not learned the relevant accident scnerios nor objects or degraded objects from around the world that could be there. So they risk human lives trying to do that. Which cannot be done becasue they cannot drive the equivalent trillion miles or spend $300B. When learning those accident scenarios they will kill thousands of people. It’s unavoidable given the method. There is zero ethical, moral or engineering reason to use human Guinea pigs.

You can be frustrated with the “troll” or you can let me prove this to you and help me to help you avoid all of this and be successful.

Using the Real World is better than Proper Simulation for Autonomous Vehicle Development — NONSENSE https://medium.com/@imispgh/using-the-real-world-is-better-than-proper-simulation-for-autonomous-vehicle-development-nonsense-90cde4ccc0ce

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