FAA Drone Testing Concerns-Poor Simulation, Self-Certifying, No Prop Guards and 3DR leadership?

It appears the FAA is looking to Chris Anderson from 3DR as a SME for drone testing and certification. A company that had significant drone quality issues and who to this day does not use prop guards. He has been pushing for relaxed standards and self-certification. Seems like this is exactly the opposite of what the FAA should be doing — again.

In addition, Chris is pushing for simulation to be utilized for these activities. While that is a fine idea overall it depends on what simulation is used. While gaming systems can be helpful, they lack the model fidelity, especially regard to the craft and sensors, needed in many scenarios. (XPlane would be part of this list.) This is especially concerning given the aircraft simulation side of the FAA is well aware of this and has been for decades. A look into the Part 60 would demonstrate that.

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