How do you know she was watching Hulu and not doing tasks Uber directed? Especially after they removed the second shadow driver? Se this article.

Now let’s say you are right. There is a 6–45 second range — per NASA and a plethora of studies — that says it is impossible to give people the proper time to regain situational awareness in time critical scenarios. How many seconds did she have?

Now let’s say she did make a big mistake and this is a bad example of my point. The FACT is public shadow driving can never result in anything close to L4 and will kill many more needlessly as the scenarios move from the hyped benign to complex and actual accident scenarios.

Please take the time to read the Uber story above as well as this one and my articles below then comment.

The Crash of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

Uber isn’t the only Autonomous Vehicle maker who should fear killing a child

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