If they were prioritizing safety and caution vs promoting hype and instilling massive false confidence they would either not be putting passenger’s lives at risk as all or provide proof their systems are well tested. I am actually all for proper geofencing. But that would be of a legitimate L4 that did not require a process that cannot be safe in critical scenarios and can never lead remotely close to L4. That being public shadow driving. People who companies who actually take the higher ground desire the light — not run from it.

It is not remotely possible, as in IMPOSSIBLE, to get anywhere near creating a legitimate autonomous vehicle using public shadow driving as your primary approach to training and testing AI. It is impossible to drive the one trillion miles or spend over $300B to stumble and restumble on all the scenarios necessary to complete the effort. Many of which are accident scenarios no one will want you to run once let alone thousands of times. You also cannot survive the thousands of needless casualties you will create trying. And finally, as the public, press and soon governments are figuring out, handover cannot be made safe for most complex scenarios, by any monitoring and notification system, because they cannot provide the time to regain proper situational awareness and do the right thing the right way.

The Crash of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry https://medium.com/predict/the-crash-of-the-autonomous-vehicle-industry-f71fd26c1ed0

Uber isn’t the only Autonomous Vehicle maker who should fear killing a child https://medium.com/predict/uber-isnt-the-only-autonomous-vehicle-maker-who-should-fear-killing-a-child-23d43a200924

Waymo Public Shadow Driver Blamed for Accident — Shows this Method is Untenable


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