Intel (MobileEye) creates Fake Autonomous Vehicle Ad with LeBron James

Here is the article for reference —

This is a glaring example of where this industry is. Misleading the public. Giving them a dangerous, unethical, unprofessional and unnecessary level false sense of confidence in the capabilities of their vehicles. All so they can get our friends and families to buy their (beta) products, make us Guinea pigs, or to vie for the right to say they had the first autonomous vehicle. All so they can grab the pot of gold first and satisfy their egos. Instead of being ethical and professional by saying they are working incrementally through various graduated geofenced scenarios and environments and even providing proof, they are exaggerating their progress.

Worst of all is that the vast majority of them are using a method that will not only never lead to an autonomous vehicle, it will create thousands of avoidable casualties. That method being public shadow driving for AI, engineering and test vs the use of aerospace level simulation. This means we are in a perfect storm. A never ending impossible to succeed process that will require them subjecting all of us to thousands of accidents and casualties when they move from the (exaggerated) benign or easy scenarios they run now to the complex, dangerous and actual crash scenarios they will eventually have to run to train the vehciles. Thousands of scenarios run thousands of times each. Whereas if they used aerospace level simulation they would actually be able to succeed, not drive one trillion public shadow driving miles at an expense of over $300B and put very few of us in the public at risk.

In the article Intel admits to the commercial being fake. They go on to say they will run the real ride when LeBron has time. Does that sound right? Pay for and secure LeBron’s time twice? Why not just use what they have AND BE HONEST? I bet LeBron, nor his agent, are aware of any of this. I am doing what I can to alert them. Do you think if LeBron knew the truth he would allow himself or his family and friends to get in these vehicles. This is exactly how NOT to build public trust.

I have seen presentations by MobileEye where they seemed to be above all of this. All part of the reason they left Tesla. Sure seems like they lost their way.

Michael DeKort — Professionals for Responsible Mobility

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