James Comey — Man of Integrity? — Not quite — Lockheed Whistleblower

This is my view as a Lockheed Martin whistleblower who faced James Comey.

As Lockheed’s Lead Counsel James Comey was willing to put the entire governments secret internet and the safety of Coast Guard crews at risk.

James Comey said at his confirmation hearing, on his decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton, that his two priorities are his family and his integrity. My priorities are the same. The problem is that 10 years ago Mr. Comey felt it appropriate to use his power to put his priorities above mine as well as the nation’s. That lauded integrity is apparently very selective. It seems to morph based on the desires of his employer.

In June of 2006 I received a hand signed letter from Mr. Comey. He was Lockheed Martin’s general counsel at the time and was responding to my letter to the CEO regarding serious safety and security issues on the Coast Guard’s post 9/11 Deepwater Program. The objective of that program was to modernize our dilapidated Coast Guard in a post 9/11 world. I was the lead engineer of the first major deliverable project. The WPB-123 effort was meant to lengthen, repair and upgrade 44 WPB-110 patrol boats. During my first few months on the job I raised several extremely serious issues. Eventually I brought them to the CEO and Board of Directors because I could find no relief in any of the various chains of command that reported to them. Mr. Comey responded back that the customer, the US Coast Guard, was well aware of the issues and that everything was resolved to their satisfaction. Problem is the USCG had already pulled every one of the first 8 boats modified from service. And in the summer of 2007 rejected the boats and asked for their money back. Soon after the USCG took over the program from the contractors.

The issues I raised were extremely serious. Particularly in a post 9/11 world. First keep in mind that due to a contractual requirement every electronic system on every boat or aircraft needed to be matched, unless there was an overriding reason not to. Since the 123 project was the first out of the gate it was setting a precedent for every asset the USCG created or upgraded with the same functional requirements. Those issues included most of the external electronic equipment not being able to withstand bad weather or temperature extremes and the classified communications system leaking information. The latter issue included the government’s classified email system called SIPRNet. If communications on any 123 were compromised anyone listening would receive any secret communication that passed through them. And it wouldn’t be just USCG communications. But US Navy, DEA, US Customs etc . Now imagine these design flaws being propagated on almost every ship and plane in the fleet over the next several decades.

I was proven correct by the DHS IG, a congressional committee and the press. Below is a link to an article on these issues. The first is from Mr.Comey’s confirmation hearing. It mentions how he says would treat whistleblowers. There is also a link to the letter I mentioned. Below that is a link about the issues overall and my receiving the IEEE Barus Ethics Award.



In closing I have a few questions? Did Mr. Comey do the right ethical, moral and patriotic thing? Did he put himself and his family’s need above the country? Can it all be explained away by saying he had an obligation to defend his client? Exactly what would have happened to him if he helped me? Maybe he would lose his job. I suggest if he did with a resume like his he would have been fine. If not lauded for taking on Lockheed. Is it possible he was duped and realizes now he made a mistake? If Mr. Comey were asked about this today what would he say? What was his motivation and what was he thinking? Was what he did a mistake for the country? Should he have supported me? How does he feel about the impact this had on my family and career? Had I not stopped the contractors would he be good with the Coast Guard having ships that could operate in bad weather? Would he be good with our enemies receiving many of our governments secret communications? Or might he decline to comment or defend what he did? If he thinks it was a mistake would he ask Lockheed to restore my career? To make me and my family whole for the lost career, multiple moves and the bankruptcy? Would he acknowledge he put his career ambitions above national security and the safety of USCG crews?

Mr. Comey not only did the wrong thing for the country and me and my family (and I would suggest even Lockheed Martin) he demonstrated selective ethics and integrity and certainly did not handle a “whistleblower” properly. My case proves he had no deep ethical fiber or courage because helping me, specifically before I went public, would have not helped his career at all. It would at that time have been a true sacrifice. One he would clearly recover from easily but still no fanfare etc.

James Comey is a selfish ethical opportunist. And not courageous.

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