Mercedes says its Drive Pilot L3 system has legal responsibility for driving until it disengages-There are issues with that and the mode being viable at all

Michael DeKort
2 min readMar 23, 2022


Reference article — Mercedes To Accept Liability When Autonomous Drive Pilot Is Engaged

Mercedes is the first to announce they not the human driver, are responsible for the vehicle’s autonomous performance. However, that is only up to disengagement. And that is likely a big problem. The concern lies around providing the driver enough time to regain situational awareness. In the UK they deemed the time for the ODD and top speed used here to be 10 seconds. (At 40mph that is 580ft. Or about two football field.) That time may be plenty. However, that assumes a 580ft gap to all other objects or potential hazards. What if something pops up much closer? Or, how does it handle bouncing back and forth, in and out of the mode? This all leads to the other issue. When is the mode going to engage if a 580ft gap is needed at all times? And the system is already limited by time of day and weather? I guess folks in Montana and the like can use it?

Note-The 10 seconds is a UK requirement

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