Ms. Knight

My name is Michael DeKort. I am a former engineer at Lockheed Martin. Specifically aerospace and simulation. I am creating a team of experts to try to drive the AV makers to use simulation vs shadow driving AI. The reasons being that it will take 1 trillion miles, over $300B and putting over 600k shadow drivers and the public at risk to get to L5. Please see the links to my LinkedIn articles below. they will provide much more detail on the subject with data references. I would like you to consider being part of our group.

Who will get to Autonomous Level 5 First and Why.

Stop relying on AI to make Autonomous Vehicles — You are wasting time and risking lives

Due Diligence Recommendations for the Mobile, Autonomous and Driverless Industry

I want you to know I support what you are trying to do. And I appreciate your not equivocating by choosing very direct words when describing a very important danger. I would suggest though that given the importance of the issue and that you chose to speak as an expert you consider a more formal approach in the future.

I am not sure if you saw Alex Roy’s article in The Drive responding to you. The text that follows is the response I sent to him on Twitter. We have actually conversed a couple times prior to this event. I find his response disappointing, unfortunate and counter-productive.

— -Your article responding to Ms. Knight is out of line, misleading,, intellectually dishonest, petty and hypocritical. You didn’t actually refute her most important points which are the system is dangerous to bicyclists (and others?), doesn’t handle curves in a way the public or at least she felt comfortable. As a matter of fact you actually confirm the point about corners but then rationalize it by saying anything other than pristine slow corners should not be expected yet? That car used to do that much better before Mobileye took their cameras and went home because Tesla’s priorities are out of whack. A driver should avoid roads with bikers on it? Are you kidding me? How about folks walking, jogging etc? As for her being a roboticist PhD. For the areas she was discussing all she should have to be is a competent licensed driver. Because that is who the car is being sold to. If Tesla is going to call the car “autopilot”, Musk is going to make videos showing him zipping around hands free defying his own rules, say he will have an L5 in a year and put that car with its half-ass capabilities in the public domain he deserves the scrutiny. Very disappointing. Shame there is no way for someone to respond. While you are factually correct in several instances and Ms. Knight didn’t help herself by writing like it was a teenage diary entry she was correct about what is important and trying to warn people. She was objective and accurate where it mattered most and you responses clearly confirmed it. Are these really your priorities? Helping Tesla mislead the public by setting false expectations then minimizing poor performance when the system works poorly? You and Musk wanting it both ways is unethical and dangerous. And it will backfire. You were tested and failed to take the higher ground.

Systems Engineer, Engineering/Program Management -- DoD/Aerospace/IT - Autonomous Systems Air & Ground, FAA Simulation, UAM, V2X, C4ISR, Cybersecurity