New service to help monitor children and the elderly during social distancing

I would like to help with providing assistance with daycare and monitoring the elderly utilizing daycare providers, teachers and other relevant professionals, who are out of work. I will use a unique and new approach given social distancing.

My name is Michael DeKort. My experience base is engineering and IT in DHS, DoD and aerospace as well as the commercial side in healthcare. I have come up with a way to assist people who are struggling to find someone to watch their children over 11 and the elderly during social distancing. I would like to start by helping caregivers first. (We could also help parents who are working at home and need a bit of privacy who have younger children.) The approach involves using an application like Skype and network of approved daycare and teaching professional who are currently out of work. We would assign these professional to a group of homes/children, say 8–10, and then assign other professionals to a group or them to provide oversight, spot checks, help with people taking breaks etc. We would also enable the parent to monitor and get directly involved in all of it in real time. Clearly there are cybersecurity and privacy issues to work out. With regard to price I would like to make it notably less than you would pay for a daycare or in-home provider. I will also try to find ways to get those who cannot afford the laptop or internet service a way to utilize the service.

If you do your due diligence on me, you can see I have a verifiable reputation for getting these kinds of things right. (Google me and IEEE Barus Ethics Award.) I am doing this to try to help people, especially first responders, nurses, doctors, EMTs, police, firefighters etcl. And to make sure it is done right.

What I am asking for here is to see who may interested in the service, to assistant me and what their feedback is on the approach. If there is enough interest in the service, I can use that information to secure funding and the various levels of technical, business and legal help I will need to do this right.

Michael DeKort

Tempest Rite LLC

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