NHTSA and Tesla back themselves into a mutual corner-With Tesla giving NHTSA a way to ding it without exposing the industry

Michael DeKort
4 min readJun 4, 2022

Reference article — US has over 750 complaints of Teslas braking for no reason https://apnews.com/article/technology-politics-health-cd1a51e26baa07678de50cab8ae90ee0

NHTSA is now looking into Tesla “phantom braking”. (Where the vehicle brakes for no reason. A false positive.) With over 750 customer complaints. (Odds are that is a small fraction of the real number for two reasons. Most of Tesla’s customers wouldn’t file a complaint. That would not show proper allegiance to the Pied Piper. The second being the software and hardware, especially in this area, are common. Particularly the camera only system.

From the article — “The letter focuses on Tesla’s testing of the automated systems when it comes to detecting metal bridges, s-shaped curves, oncoming and cross traffic, and different sizes of vehicles including large trucks. The agency also wants information on how cameras deal with reflections, shadows, glare and blockage due to snow or heavy rain.”

As you can see they are going right for those cameras. And areas radar, which Tesla removed, would excel. (Barring the poor fidelity issues Tesla and other’s radars have that force them to ignore stationary and crossing objects. Which would be a false negative. Clearly Tesla should have gone with an imaging radar vs removing the poor radar they had. I believe they chose this path because tesla’s main board cannot handle the second sensor properly.)

The reason I say this particular issue backs NHTSA into a corner and finally permits NHTSA to ding ONLY Tesla, is that camera only system. No one else in the US does this. (Wayve does it in the UK. And Mobileye uses two sets of development and test vehicles. Camera only and those with a full sensor suite.) This means Tesla backed itself into a corner where NHTSA can come after only it. (While far more competent, especially due to having even a poor fidelity radar, the other AV makers in this industry have issues here too. Just far less of them and they can hide these issues where Tesla cannot.) And NHTSA backed itself into a corner by isolating Tesla. Which I assume is a self-induced event. A reaction to NHTSA being lambasted as impotent in these areas to date. Now it can show the world it is doing something. Given this, and the fact that Tesla’s “Autopilot” and Full Self Driving” are debacles, as well as it now being popular to bash these systems. Tesla and Elon Musk, I would expect NHTSA to pull these systems from the road.

More on my POV here. Including how to do this right.

SAE Autonomous Vehicle Engineering magazine editor calling me “prescient” regarding my position on Tesla and the overall driverless vehicle industry’s untenable development and testing approach — (Page 2) https://assets.techbriefs.com/EML/2021/digital_editions/ave/AVE-202109.pdf

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SAE Autonomous Vehicle Engineering magazine editor calling me “prescient” regarding my position on Tesla and the overall driverless vehicle industry’s untenable development and testing approach — (Page 2) https://assets.techbriefs.com/EML/2021/digital_editions/ave/AVE-202109.pdf

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