NHTSA Downplays Tesla Loss of Radar Safety Issues in Expedited Process Filing

Michael DeKort
3 min readJun 10, 2021


Plainsite filing and NHTSA response — https://twitter.com/PlainSite/status/1402280828470579203?s=20

In spite of a litany of crashes, injuries, deaths and videos of extremely dangerous situations NHTSA sees no big problem in Tesla making things worse by removing radar.

· At least 9 people killed needlessly by flawed “autopilot” and AEB

· Hitting a plethora of stationary and crossing objects including 7 police cars, with one shoved into an ambulance. The other objects include fire trucks, passenger cars, tow truck, street sweeper, trailers, barriers, and people.

· The system creating traffic lights that do not exist — https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/nqhgn7/tesla_model_3_display_bug_solved/

· The system creating a tractor trailer in a tunnel that does not exist — https://twitter.com/PlainSite/status/1402280828470579203?s=20

· Tesla admitted the system is degraded with radar removal.

Clearly, NHTSA is not going to do a thing until a family or child is killed needlessly. NHTSA is an accomplice here. A grossly negligent party who will be party to manslaughter at best.

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