NHTSA, NTSB and Tesla’s Reckless and Deadly Desensitizing Recall Sham

Reference article — Tesla Forced to Recall 11,704 Vehicles Over Full Self-Driving Glitch — https://gizmodo.com/tesla-forced-to-recall-11-704-vehicles-over-full-self-d-1847981141

“In possibly the biggest blow to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta rollout yet (and there have been several), the company has been forced to issue a recall affecting over 11,700 vehicles equipped with the software.

Tesla opted to uninstall FSD 10.3 across a suite of Model S, X, 3, and Y vehicles following reports of software communication errors (glitches) that in some cases could result in “false forward-collision warnings’’ or automatic braking, according to the recall. Though Tesla was not aware of any crashes resulting from the glitches, the recall acknowledges unexpected braking could increase the risk of rear-end collisions. Tesla says it acted quickly to remedy the bugs and issued an over-the-air software update to affected vehicles.

In a statement sent to Gizmodo, an National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spokesperson confirmed Tesla implemented the recall affecting 11,704 vehicles.

“Tesla uninstalled FSD 10.3 after receiving reports of inadvertent activation of the automatic emergency braking system,” the spokesperson said. “Tesla informed NHTSA that it has updated the software and released FSD version 10.3.1 to those vehicles affected. NHTSA will continue its conversations with Tesla to ensure that any safety defect is promptly acknowledged and addressed according to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.”

My response is very simple. The recall and NHTSA’s involvement is a farce. Getting rid of a Meglalodon and leaving a Great White, or Jeffrey Dahmer for Jack the Ripper, is reckless. All Tesla and NHTSA have done (with the NTSB silence) is desensitize and try to normalize us to Tesla’s already needlessly reckless sensor system and development approach. Killing less people needlessly is not a moral or ethical improvement. As I state in more detail below, focusing on feature names while ignoring a fatally flawed sensor/AEB system, an insanely 20 second or longer DM alarm , a ridiculous call for AP/FSD to not engage those mode sunless the associated scenarios for an ODD can be handled when the system cannot learn to do that unless it fails over and over first and the needless use of humans as Guinea pigs is a negligent farce. Why do they do this? Because they want to split hairs and hang Tesla for being the most egregious or worst of the bunch. Waymo, Argo, Aurora, Cruise, Zook etc have better sensor systems and a progressive ODD development approach which will result in less needless deaths, but in no way eliminate them. They all use the same untenable overly real-world dependent development approach and gaming-based vs DoD/aerospace simulation.

More detail here. Including how to do this right.

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