Please let the Epiphany happen if you want to lower Vehicle Accident and Death rates

I recently had a chat with a mobility professional regarding the issues with public shadow and safety driving to develop and test autonomous vehicles. Their immediate thought is that I am advocating for something that will keep those lives from being saved. That led to this individual saying there were 100 lives lost each day we should be saving.

Yes! . . . Yes, there are. That is the point!

Using public shadow/safety driving will not save those lives and is taking lives, by making people human Guinea pigs, that don’t need to be taken. Said differently — that person and the majority of the industry are working against themselves. I am not your problem — you are! You are getting in the way of your own mission. Worst of all four people have died needlessly as human test subjects to date. And it will get far worse as the benign scenario development being done now (except Tesla — and notice they have killed three people as unnecessary human AP Guinea pigs) moves to accident scenarios at some point. Thousands of accident scenarios run thousands of times each to train the system. That will cause thousands of injuries and deaths PER COMPANY! Not only are those original 100 deaths not being avoiding you are adding to the death count!

Please try to separate yourself from the hype, the massive echo chamber and the odds of this many folks being this wrong. Be Columbus. Look at the information I provide below, think objectively and apply common sense. Public shadow and safety driving can never lead to L4 and takes lives needlessly. The solution is to use the right simulation (aerospace/DoD tech not gaming based due to significant deficiencies) to replace 99.9% of that process.

Please let the Epiphany happen!

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