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While simulation must be used for over 99% of the development and testing of these systems, the gaming simulation technology widely being used have several severe limitations. Those being the wrong real-time architecture and not modeling active sensors as they work in the real-world with real-objects. This is mostly due to over extending the use of the visual rendering engine and GPUs and ray tracing, which cannot be properly controlled (yet) to facilitate proper real-time architectures. What you wind up with is something that seems much more accurate than it is. This will eventually lead to flawed inputs, false confidence, planning and execution issues and real-world tragedies.

Example-modeling a dozen exact radars in an exact parking garage with exact objects. You must be able to model the individual and cumulative 1st, 2nd and 3rd reflections. And do this faster than real-time. The only way yo do this is to have a deterministic and federated real-time architecture and model those sensors as they really work.

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