The “Autonowashing” Town Criers are Autonowashing and Avoiding the Root Cause

First, Tesla and Elon Musk deserve all the criticism they are getting about their “autopilot” name and stating they will be L5 soon. Yes, it is misleading. Yes, it would help if Tesla did not mislead people. However, it would not only barely make a dent in the problem it in no way addresses the root cause. Which the autonowash folks don’t want you to understand because they are guilty as well.

This brings me to the significant hypocrisy the industry, including most of its press, is undertaking in criticizing Tesla and using the term “Autonowashing” to do it.

Autonowashing — The practice of making unverified or misleading claims which misrepresent the appropriate level of human supervision required by a partially or semi-autonomous product, service or technology.

Virtually all the AV makers use human Guinea pigs as public “safety drivers” largely for no reason. That process will result in thousands of deaths. The reason for that being the machine, and in many cases deep learning, must experience scenarios over and over to learn them. That will include fatal accident scenarios in many cases. The other being that none of these systems can provide enough time to regain proper situational awareness to take over the vehicle properly in time critical scenarios. This will cause MORE needless injuries and deaths. Which means the folks using the term “Autonowashing” “misrepresent the appropriate level of human supervision required by a partially or semi-autonomous product, service or technology.” This makes the Autonowashing town criers disingenuous and hypocritical, invalidates any high ground they think they are on and leaves them tossing rocks from glass houses.

More in my articles here. Including how to do this right.

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