The Driverless press, especially Kirsten Korosec and Ed Niedermeyer, are largely responsible for the demise of the industry

Michael DeKort
3 min readOct 28, 2022

After the failure of Argo, Kirsten Korosec, transportation editor for TechCrunch, stated the following on Twitter

The reaction to the Argo story compels me to share: one truth doesn’t validate or negate the opposite. E.g. One company’s failure doesn’t validate another approach. One company’s success doesn’t negate another approach. Sometimes two truths are possible! Free your minds plebs!

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The part in bold is factually incorrect. Worse yet she has the gall to admonish people for thinking otherwise. Whether she is ignorant or lying, she is wrong, way out of line and dooming the industry she is likely hyping and lying for to protect. Which in the end is creating the situation she is trying to avoid.

There is zero fundamental difference between ANY of the driverless vehicle maker’s development/testing approach, use of AI, machine and deep learning and use of inferior simulation. They all do this wrong. The only difference is those who do it worse by using incompetent sensor systems like Tesla. (More on this in my articles below.) This means the failure of Argo, Drive AI and Starsky Robotics, the sale of Uber and Lyft and the troubles at Aurora ALL portend issues for everyone else. (Another clear sign is Anthony Levandowski, formerly from Google and Otto which was sold to Uber ATG. And Stefan Seltz-Axmacher the former CEO of Starsky Robotics switching to mining and agriculture. That shift avoids the issues the public road domain AV makers are failing to remedy.)

To make matters worse Kirsten is part of the Autonocast podcast with Ed Niedermeyer and Alex Roy. (Who worked for Argo). They interviewed me several years ago and then refused to post the podcast. Alex Roy blocks and unblocks me every couple of months. Ed and Kirsten either ignore me or have me muted. If I am wrong, why not push back on me and set the record straight? The reason is they know I am right, cannot counter my POV and are playing avoid the messenger. The irony of course being I am trying to help the industry where they are speeding up its demise.

If these “reporters” were competent, professional, and ethical they would take the exact opposite position. They would admonish the AV industry for continuing to pursue a fatally flawed approach. As well as admonish the wealth leadership of companies like Argo for not having the courage to admit they are wrong and making the needed changes. Versus allowing heir companies to fail and harming thousands of families.

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