The problem here is we have a perfect storm.

The government, the press and the public look to the folks making these vehicles as the experts. They are not. What they are is folks who make Twitter (literally). Eager, hard working and bright folks who also operate in a bubble where revenue. coolness and popularity = experience. Only that is not true either. They have almost no domain experience here. So how is it the vehicles are working? These folks were able to tap technology and use AI to learn for them. And right now the scenarios are benign and easy. Not complex or dangerous. The two biggest issues being that AI has flaws and using public shadow driving to get to L4 and L5 is unworkable. Of course the echo chamber is so massive most folks don’t get this. But that is changing.

With every accident that is the vehicles fault and as this information becomes known the industry harms its reputation and the reputation of this technology. The government, press, insurance industry, “experts”, academics, the relevant companies etc need to figure this out and make the switch before a catastrophe causes so much backlash and doubt the whole thing hits a far bigger wall than it would otherwise. It is for this reason we are creating an international Autonomous Vehicle and Mobility Simulation Trade Study/Exhibit and Association.

Autonomous Levels 3, 4 and 5 will never be reached without Simulation vs Public Shadow Driving for AI

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