There is way too much hype in this industry. Especially given the use of public shadow driving for AI can NEVER lead to an autonomous vehicle. Everyone is exaggerating what they are capable of to keep up with the other exaggerations so the money keeps flowing. NONE of you are driving any real complexity especially in bad weather etc. You are misleading the public and giving them a false sense of security.

In the big scheme of things hundreds of thousands, hundreds of million of miles or even billion means NOTHING. RAND and Toyota have said that if public shadow driving is used it will take ONE TRILLION MILES. My very conservative math says that is over $300B. You will never reach L4. If you do not move to aerospace level simulation you will never build a safe autonomous car. Not only are the miles and cost prohibitive but so are the coming tragedies.

You will have to drive more complex and dangerous scenarios. Including accident scenarios. Thousands of them thousands of times each. You will cause casualties and massive traffic issues. So far the first child or family have not died. But they will. When that happens the public will properly determine you are not competent or ethical. Did you see the NTSB decision today? They found Tesla at fault for providing vehicles with capabilities that were deficient in certain scenarios and locations. They stated L3/shadow driven vehicles should only be allowed where they have proper capabilities. Since public shadow driving for AI is learning and doesn't have those capabilities that means the practice should not be allowed. Waymo just announced the move to more simulation after saying L3 should be skipped because it is dangerous and cannot be made safe. Others have the same opinion. Volvo, Ford, NASA, Clemson, the University of South Hampton and Chris Urmson.

My approach has been direct here because you need a wake up call. If you do not switch to aerospace level simulation in this space (which I do not see exists yet) you cannot succeed and will cause avoidable calamities. The thought that some have to perish now so less perish later is WRONG.

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