These systems are not actually simulating the whole stack nor what the stack needs to get to L4, especially in complex and loaded scnerios. In order to ensure the real world is actually being modeled, or a true digital twin is being created, several critical areas need to be include. Most of these not being done in this industry at all or properly. If they are not done properly real time will be off and/or model fidelity will be inadequate. (And that assumes the exact object is even being modeled at all.) That will cause the planning system to have a flawed plan. That will result in some combination of improper timing or voracity of the ego model’s acceleration, braking or maneuvering.

Gaming engines or architecture and most OEM vehicle manufacturing simulation systems do not have these capabilities. (Short of vehicle and some road models.) Most don’t even try to get half the model types right in physics. (And even visually in many cases.) DoD and aerospace simulation tech does.

  • Deterministic architecture
  • Federated models
  • Model precisely modeling the exact object — not something like it or close. That includes physics not just great looking visuals. or creating fake physics with the visual data. Those model types include the vehicles, other vehicles, tires, roads, sensors, the environment, fixed and moving objectors etc in various conditions.

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Simulation can create a Complete Digital Twin of the Real World if DoD/Aerospace Technology is used

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