This is an incredibly flawed and reckless article

This is the reason Starsky and every other AV maker is going out of business

(Starsky is already there —

Gill Pratt, Toyota, Waymo and FiveAI confirmed the Collapse of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry — It can be Reversed with an Ego, Echo Chamber and Engineering Paradigm Shift

These IT, Silicon Valley, gaming experienced folks, who normally do not work in ANY domain remotely close to what is needed here, don’t have any actual relevant experience and who are failing at doing this, somehow KNOW how to do this. They somehow know the tech they use is the best, they innovate everything and no one else has done a thing. The massive echo chamber of arrogance and ignorance is drowning by drinking its own bathwater. And taking down and entire industry with it.

Major Flaws — More in my articles below

· You must use the Real-world for most Development and Testing — First, it is accurate to say not every scenario will be experienced or created. However, that is a red herring. What you need to do is cover enough of them to objectively prove some level of competence. Maybe 6.5 sigma. That cannot be done in the real-world because you cannot come close to dealing with the massive amount of time, money and loss of “safety driver” life required.

· The Industry use High Fidelity Simulation — There are NO simulation products being used by this industry that can come remotely close to being “high fidelity”. Nor being able to come remotely close to providing a true all model type digital twin. What you have is massively inferior excellent looking gaming-based systems. As an example, NONE of them model any actual active sensor nor how they operate in the real world. They bastardize visual ray tracing and give you representational artwork of a representational sensor. Example- 50 vehicles in NY City at rush how all with cameras, Velodyne AlphaPrime LiDARs and Delphi ESR radars. NO ONE models these sensors, how they actually function or their interaction with the real world. To include interactions with the buildings, objects and weather. Down to rain drops. And none model first second and third radar reflections individually and en masse for those exact radars, buildings, objects etc. And none could handle the real-time load let alone run faster than real-time. DoD has had the tech to do this and ANY scenario you can come up with and do so one 8 core gaming-based PC, for over 25 years. Don’t believe me? Be glad to show you.

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Simulation can create a Complete Digital Twin of the Real World if DoD/Aerospace Technology is used world-if-dod-aerospace-technology-is-used-c79a64551647

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