This simulation is borderline useless overall. And why they are still tied to public shadow/safety driving. It will not cover most real-world complex scenarios where model fidelity of any item matters. You have to eventually have very specific models for vehicles, tires, sensors, objects, world, weather. And gaming tech has significant real-time and model fidelity flaws. What is needed is aerospace/DoD simulation technology to resolve all of this. Why not run what will get you to L4 all the time?There was no need to build the even lower than gaming fidelity “executor”. Even to run through and around sensors.

And where is the full motion DIL simulator? You cannot train systems or test properly without the human experiencing motion cues on the inner ear or body. Scenarios includes loss of traction, steep grades, aggressive maneuvers and even being bumped by something or running over it. Not large set of scenarios but crucial ones.

Be glad to show you the system I am referring to.

Using the Real World is better than Proper Simulation for Autonomous Vehicle Development — NONSENSE

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