TuSimple investor fraud lawsuit is a warning for the Driverless Industry

  • TuSimple’s commitment to safety was significantly overstated and it concealed fundamental problems with the company’s technology.
  • The manufacturer was rushing the testing of its autonomous driving technology in order to deliver driverless trucks to the market ahead of its more safety-conscious competitors.
  • There was a corporate culture within the company that suppressed or ignored safety concerns in favor of unrealistically ambitious testing and delivery schedules.
  • The aforementioned conduct made accidents involving the company’s autonomous driving technology more likely.
  • The aforementioned conduct invited enhanced regulatory scrutiny and investigatory action toward the company.



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Michael DeKort

Michael DeKort

Non-Tribal Truth Seeker-IEEE Barus Ethics Award/9–11 Whistleblower-Aerospace/DoD Systems Engineer/Member SAE Autonomy and eVTOL development V&V & Simulation