Wanted — Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Professionals who want to do it Right

Wanted — Autonomous Vehicle Engineering professionals who

• Are tired of the Hype and the Echo Chamber

• Are tired of misleading metrics like Miles Driven or Disengagements

• Realize that Public Shadow or “Safety” Driving can never lead remotely close to an autonomous vehicle and the deaths involved are unnecessary.

• Realize that handover/L3 cannot be made safe in critical scenarios and should not exist.

• Have no interest in humans, especially children, being Guinea pigs.

• Want to make a truly Autonomous Vehicle in their lifetime.

• Are concerned AI may not be the entire answer and should be augmented by proper systems engineering.

• Want to earn trust through sharing of test results.

• Know that 99% of the development and testing must be done in simulation.

• Are open to the fact that the simulation systems in this industry are inadequate.

• Would like to get in a new start up at the ground level.

• Would like to work remote. (In many cases.)

If this is you or you would like to discuss this further please reach out to us. We are aware the situation requires the utmost discretion.

(Principals only — no recruiters)

For more information

Impediments to Creating an Autonomous Vehicle


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