Cities are about to experience drone and air taxi tragedies and the FAA and NASA are not doing enough

Michael DeKort
1 min readDec 19, 2020

Is it just me or does anyone think UTM (Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management) is nearly enough for urban environments?

After reading the UTM documentation and talking with quite a few folks, it seems to me this industry is burying its head in the sand? Including NASA and the FAA?


If any dense urban area grows to a point they have any level of density or complexity UTM is not going to come close to mitigating disasters. All pilots and AV systems real-time deconflict for themselves? Adding V2X isn’t gonna do enough either. (And there are significant issues there too, especially with the 30mhz bandwidth. See my first post below.) How is it there is no verbal concurrence many urban areas will need an AWACS type system?

More on the V2X issues here

The V2X 30mhz Issue should be addressed now with DoD Technology and Approaches




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