Cruise, like Waymo, now says they are driverless with no proof, nor any comment on Waymo’s CA DMV lawsuit to avoid providing safety data

Michael DeKort
3 min readFeb 2, 2022

Reference article — GM’s Cruise now offers public driverless taxi rides in San Francisco —

Now Cruise has miraculously become fully driverless just a couple months after Waymo did the same. And like Waymo, Cruise not only offers no proof of capability, which I am sure they would do if they could, but it has also made no statement on Waymo’s lawsuit against the sate of California to avoid providing the safety data they ask for. A set of data that is woefully deficient itself. No other AV maker, OEM etc in the industry has made a statement on Waymo’s lawsuit either. I suggest that is tacit agreement. As no one else can prove they have any meaningful capabilities, especially regarding crashes and edge cases. Not can they justify the use and pending harm and critical injury to needless Human Guinea pigs. Finally, the press is silent on this, and the right set of data needed to prove actual driverless capabilities. The echo chamber marches on to thousands of needles deaths, failure and bankruptcy. All of which is avoidable.

My article on Waymo’s lawsuit and inability to prove their system is safe or driverless

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SAE Autonomous Vehicle Engineering magazine editor calling me “prescient” regarding my position on Tesla and the overall driverless vehicle industry’s untenable development and testing approach — (Page 2)

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