Reference article — Apple aiming for fully autonomous vehicle launch by 2025


Reference article — Tesla Forced to Recall 11,704 Vehicles Over Full Self-Driving Glitch —

“In possibly the biggest blow to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta rollout yet (and there have been several), the company has been forced to issue a recall affecting over 11,700 vehicles equipped with the software.


This week NHTSA announced Missy Cummings was appointed to a key autonomous vehicle advisor role.

That appointment is complicated. This is because Missy is right about some of the engineering involved and advocates for some of the right positions. However, far more often she is incorrect and advocates for…

Article reference from The Verge -Welcome to Simulation City, the virtual world where Waymo tests its autonomous vehicles —

“There’s a set of things that we needed to have better tooling to support,” Frankel said, “and Simulation City filled in that grid of capabilities that we needed, and makes…

Michael DeKort

Systems Engineer, Engineering/Program Management -- DoD/Aerospace/IT - Autonomous Systems Air & Ground, FAA Simulation, UAM, V2X, C4ISR, Cybersecurity

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