Waymo releases extremely misleading AI benchmark results

Michael DeKort
3 min readOct 1, 2022


Waymo statement — https://blog.waymo.com/2022/09/benchmarking-av-safety.html

Reference article — Waymo Claims Its Driver AI Is Safer Than a Human and Backs It Up with Test Results


While the core apples to apples response time improvement is encouraging, the ability to do something and doing it in enough scenarios, especially crash cases to be L4 or driverless, is the key indicator. And that is in no way satisfied here.

· This is based on an extremely minimal set of crashes.

· Regarding the human crash cases they avoided. They lead you to believe all or most humans would have the same crashes.

· There is no data on disengagements that would have been crashes if the human didn’t disengage. Both in the real-world and in simulation

· No mention of all the scenarios learned especially crash and edge cases.

All of this means there is no significant proof of performance here at all. Thus, making this mostly false confidence inducing hype. If not gross negligence. Particularly because Waymo says they are driverless while not only refusing to provide any meaningful proof, but they also used the courts in the state of California to avoid doing so.

Below are a couple articles that explain my POV in more detail.

By not providing any meaningful proof of being driverless, even fighting doing through a lawsuit, Waymo, Cruise and Gatik are misleading the public, putting their lives at risk, and collapsing

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The Autonomous Vehicle Industry can be Saved by doing the Opposite of what is being done now to create this technology

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Waymo finally discovers gaming modeling and simulation technology is not adequate

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How the failed Iranian hostage rescue in 1980 can save the Autonomous Vehicle industry

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