My Industry-wide and Gatik specific testimony at Kansas Senate AV Hearing

Michael DeKort
3 min readFeb 8, 2022

Today was the opposition hearing in the Kansas Transportation Committee for their AV Bill SB 379

My written statement —

Bill SB 379 — Providing for the use and regulation of autonomous motor vehicles —

Hearing link for part two Thursday 9:30 est —

The hearing on YouTube — — I appear at 34:20 and Senator Pittman’s question is at 48:00

Hearing link for part one — Gatik is at 16:00 —

I was asked to testify in opposition. Which I did not only regarding the industry but Gatik, Waymo and Tesla specifically. Because the Senate didn’t plan well and had way more people to testify than they had tome to hear them they started cutting people off, starting with me. They announced part two of the opposition hearing is at the same time Thursday. (With the same meeting link above). The chair should have realized this was necessary and not cut us off. Senator Pittman helped me out a bit though by bringing up my Gatik testimony. Specifically, what I was unable to say. As I understand it, I may get some more questions Thursday and be able to use that to state my specific criticism of Gatik. I am willing to bet Gatik says nothing about my comments. I however will state the silence is a massive red flag. It means they have no response. Tacitly ceding my points. And they will not make any offer to provide the safety data I suggested they and every AV maker should supply. I am hopeful this testimony leads to more opportunities like this.

Below are a couple articles that explain my POV in more detail. Including why the industry would rather harm people and go down with the ship than change.

Cruise, like Waymo, now says they are driverless with no proof, nor any comment on Waymo’s CA DMV lawsuit to avoid providing safety data


Nostradamus? SAE Autonomous Vehicle Magazine declares I am “Prescient”


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How the failed Iranian hostage rescue in 1980 can save the Autonomous Vehicle industry

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SAE Autonomous Vehicle Engineering magazine editor calling me “prescient” regarding my position on Tesla and the overall driverless vehicle industry’s untenable development and testing approach — (Page 2)

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